Performance based marketing

03-header-image-pages-performanceThrough our custom-made platform we generate leads and sales for our advertisers and help our publishers monetizing their websites. Advertisers can actively recruit publishers per industry and Publishers can select their preferred campaigns.

Addiliate is a unique adplanning system giving full control to advertisers and publishers, focusing on performance, transparency, targeted advertising and high volumes.

Why is it interesting for you to become an Addiliate?

  • Transparency: Transparent overview of all available campaigns and publishers
  • Targeting: Target campaigns on preference such as age, gender, language and location
  • Sales increase: Possibility to generate a high volume of visitors, leads and sales
  • Tracking: Advanced and real-live tracking for all your campaigns
  • Planning: Sophisticated tool to plan all your campaigns and time your special promotions
  • Cost: Full focus on performance. There are no start-up costs nor monthly maintenance costs


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