Email Marketing

03-header-image-pages-emailAcquisition Email Marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools because of its extensive targeting possibilities, huge potential to rapidly open up new markets, high conversion rates as well as the direct and positive impact on profitability.

Precise targeting on your focus group is possible thanks to the high degree of information our opt-in email databases have about their subscribers. Demographics like gender, age, civil status and location are present. Some of our email databases even have specific information on interests such as travel and/or buying behavior. This enables us to target our campaigns to the specific potential customer group our clients are looking for.

Huge potential
Since we currently have access to millions of opt-in email addresses in the majority of the countries we are active in, the possibilities to grow your business online with us are endless. Once a campaign has the desired results we are able to roll it out on a large scale, delivering high volumes.

Conversion rates and direct impact on profitability
Email Marketing directly reaches the inbox of your potential customers, which enables it to have a fast, easily measurable and direct impact on your online sales. Potential customers can be triggered by a good subject line to open the e-mail, and then followed with a good email creative containing an interesting promotion, be redirected to your landing page. Once on your landing page a percentage will convert into new – and most importantly loyal – customers who will keep on ordering your product or service.

Opt-In Email Marketing has reached a high degree of professionalism and its presence is ever growing. This marketing tool makes it an evolved and mature marketing channel that cannot be ignored by a modern marketing manager. Please contact us to discuss how we can help you set up succesfull email marketing campaigns.